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You've shopped for hours and finally decided on a car of your choice and now the fun begins; choosing the right finance package. The choice of determining the right loan can be intimidating but We've listed a quick tidbit on the most important factor banks look at when determining how they look at your loan. Aside from a large down payment, the most important thing on your credit is your use of credit, aptly known as Credit Mix. 

Credit mix refers to the types of accounts that make up a consumer's credit report. Credit mix determines 10% of a consumer's FICO score. The different types of credit that might be part of a consumer's credit mix include credit cards, student loans, automobile loans, and mortgages.

Important Factors: 

1) Loan Balance. Make sure your loan balance don't exceed 50 % of total credit granted. Leave your availability at this number and lower. 
2) Loan Length. Banks often like to see loans go full term. So paying off loans too early may not always help improve your overall score. 
3) Available Credit. This is closely tied into your loan balance but differ when your credit is available through multiple sources, e.g. ( credit cards, line of credit, ) 

If you pay attention to these few key areas, you'll be well on your way to capturing the best available finance terms out there. 

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Best Late Model cars for less than 15k

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According to Experian, the average new car price is now over $34,000! This makes used cars an attractive option if you’re looking to save money or avoid burdening debt.

For those who are searching for the greatest value on a budget, some of the best used cars on the market are late-model cars priced below $15,000. Not surprisingly, sedans top the list of best used cars under $15,000, as they tend to cost less than larger SUV’s and trucks.

Don’t think that a $15,000 budget means you can’t have many of the great amenities found in more expensive used cars. Most have popular conveniences like remote keyless entry. Many of the best used car options under $15,000 are equipped with premium sound or even a moon roof!

At Personalized Auto, our vehicles have no accidents as verified by Carfax with under the manufacturer’s warranty; so you can get the latest technology and safety features as well as peace of mind that your used car will be on the road for a long time.

Show that $15,000 budget who’s boss.

Get the new car feel without the new car price.

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Best Used Cars Under $15,000*

5. 2017 Hyundai Elantra

4. 2017 Volkswagen Passat

3. 2015 Mini Cooper

2. 2017 Kia Optima

1. 2017 Chevrolet Cruz
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